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Triangle Carpet Cleaners Earns Coveted Angie's List Super Service Award

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Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning Division
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Don't Trust Your Area Rugs To Just Anyone
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Do Your Rugs Have Odor Problems?
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Certified Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning Company


Saved Area Rug Pictures

     I am new in the area and somehow tracked in road/car grease/oil onto both of my New Zealand wool rugs which are works of art depicted on the loom. I was devastated and could not trust this job to just anyone. Jay made a house call to do a few spot tests and felt he needed to take the rugs to the plant for specialized attention which he would perform himself. Michael came and got the rugs next day. They were delivered back on 12/22/11, yes, before Christmas and were totally cleaned. This is a family operation with many years of experience and it showed. They do a good job of communicating via phone as heads-up and are on time. Fees are extremely reasonable and no extra charge for pick-up and delivery in my area.

Lori McLamb

Cleaning Steps:
Inspections - Dye Testing
     Evaluates and Determines Cleaning Process
Dedusting - Gentle and Efficient
Cleaning - Anything from Full Immersion to Dry Cleaning
Drying - Process Completed In A Controlled Environment
Inspection - Determines If Rug Is Ready For Delivery

Here is a rug which has only be dedusted on the right side of the picture. Can you see how good the rug looks just getting all the dust and dirt out? Watch the video below to get a really good idea of the results.

Dedusting Process
- Look how
much dirt can collect in a rug

Wash Pit - Where your rug is
washed and rinsed

Drying Area - For quick
drying of your rug

     To begin with, not all Oriental & Specialty Rugs can be cleaned the same way. Before any cleaning process is started, an evaluation is done of the rug to determine, which cleaning method should be used, and also to inspect for any problems that the rug may have.
     The #1 problem that rugs have is that they are full of dirt, and dust that gets caught in the construction of the rug, and can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner. We use a special dedusting process, that removes the dry particles such as dirt, dust, dander, dust mites, etc., from the rug, before the cleaning begins. Most rugs after this process look like they have been cleaned.
     Next the rug goes thru our wash pit, where is thoroughly washed, and rinsed, and groomed. Special attention is given to any problem  areas, at this time
     Then the rug is hung to dry on our special  drying rack, with fans and dehumidifiers working to dry the rugs as quickly as possible.
    After drying, your rug goes thru an final inspection process. After passing this inspection, you will be contacted for us to deliver your rug.