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Triangle Carpet Cleaners Earns Coveted Angie's List Super Service Award

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Hints & Tips
Triangle Carpet Cleaners

Never, Never, Never take the advice of a carpet salesman on how to clean your carpets.

Never use bleach on your carpets, for any reasons, without the advice of a professional.

Use mild detergents to spot clean carpets, such as very deluted dish detergent.   (TCC's spot cleaning page under construction)

Place bath mats in areas for people to wipe their feet. Entrances into Family rooms, entry doors, staircases,etc.. It is very important to Wash Frequently.

Be careful how hard you scrub when you spot clean, as this may fray the nap of the carpet.

Blot all excess fluid out of urine stains before you try to clean the area.

Dye transfer occurs when certain rugs are laid on top of carpets (loop rugs, etc.). The removal chances are very small.

Bleach spots or areas with lost of color usually can be repaired with the color being restored.

A spot that comes back, wipe with a very wet white towel, before adding anymore detergent.

Certain stains will only come out by a special removal process that TCC uses. Kool Aid, Furniture Stains, etc.

Water based stains will clean best with a mild detergent mixture.

Solvent based stains will clean best with a solvent based product. Isoprophyl Alcohol is a solvent based spot remover.

*More Hits & Tips coming Soon